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 Washington, D.C. — Representative John Curtis (R-UT) made the following statement following passage of the Ukraine Security Assistance and Oversight Supplemental Appropriations Act:

Since coming into office in 2017, I have supported legislation to bolster the defenses of our allies through training and material support, a policy Trump reversed from the Obama Administration’s failures to deter Russia. This included funding to Ukraine and its military. By and large it has paid off. When Russia expanded its invasion of Ukraine in February 2022, Ukraine was prepared with military fighting tactics and training methods more aligned with the United States. Additional funding has provided Ukraine with weapons and humanitarian support it needs to fight Russia and defend its sovereignty. It has resulted in using 5.0% of our defense budget and no U.S. military personnel on the ground. In essence, Ukraine has destroyed the second largest military in the world without the U.S. batting an eye.


Still, I am concerned that President Biden has not been clear what our goals are in Ukraine. To continue its funding, I am looking to get answers to four questions:


1.     What is the path to victory in Ukraine?

2.     What is the United States receiving for its investment in the continued war?

3.     How are we ensuring accountability of our funding?

4.     When will our NATO partners start contributing equal levels of support to ours?


I support Ukraine in their war. I support continued funding for their efforts, but these are basic questions any organization would ask in a transaction. To continue spending Utahns taxpayer dollars, Congress must receive assurances to these questions.