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Conservative Climate Caucus

What We Believe

  • The climate is changing, and decades of a global industrial era that has brought prosperity to the world has also contributed to that change.
  • Private sector innovation, American resources, and R&D investment have resulted in lower emissions and affordable energy, placing the United States as the global leader in reducing emissions
  • Climate change is a global issue and China is the greatest immediate obstacle to reducing world emissions. Solutions should reduce global emissions and not just be "feel good" policies
  • Practical and exportable answers can be found in innovation embraced by the free market. Americans and the rest of the world want access to cheaper, reliable, and cleaner energy
  • With innovative technologies, fossil fuels can and should be a major part of the global solution
  • Reducing emissions is the goal, not reducing energy choices

What We Do

  • Educate House Republicans on climate policies and legislation consistent with conservative values
  • Organize co-dels and staff-dels to better understand technologies and issues related to climate
  • Organize Member and staff briefings on conservative climate proposals
  • Bring Republicans to the table to fight against radical progressive climate proposals that would hurt our economy, American workers, and national security
  • Introduce Republican members and staff to leaders in industry, think tanks, and more 

Who We Are