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Youth Civic Award Nominations

Do you know someone who has done some amazing things for the community? Do you know someone who is always going out of their way helping others? If so, nominate them for Utah’s 3rd District Youth Civic Engagement Award!

Rules and Guidelines

  • Nominees must reside in the 3rd Congressional District, be a student in High School, and be able to demonstrate extraordinary civic engagement.
  • Award winners will receive a Congressional Certificate of Achievement from Representative Curtis at a Ceremony in Spring 2019.
  • They will also be given a letter of general introduction on official letterhead signed by the Congressman which can be used for college applications.
  • Deadline to submit: March 18, 2019

Examples of Service Vs Extraordinary Civic Engagement

  • Mowing a neighbor’s yard once (vs) Mowing the lawns of many elderly individuals for a timeframe of six months.
  • Babysitting for a couple so they can go on a date (vs) Offering a free babysitting service for many poverty-stricken families that can’t afford to get sitters.
  • Volunteering to clean a park for a few hours (vs) Organizing a mass community cleaning event.
  • Donating $100 to charity for youth cancer treatment (vs) Organizing or volunteering many hours towards a youth cancer charity.

Any questions regarding whether a certain activity is deemed acceptable for the Civic Award, contact HD Sanderson at 801-367-0181 |

Nomination Form

To nominate an outstanding youth for the Civic Award, please complete the online form below. We look forward to reviewing your nomination, and we will be in touch if we have any questions about your submission.

Youth Civic Engagement Nomination Form

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