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Message from Rep. Curtis in Brussels, Belgium

Brussels, Belgium. – Today, Congressman John Curtis (UT-03) had the following messages to share from Brussels, Belgium on the war in Ukraine: 

“As the worst of our fears unfold, all people across the globe must unite to reject the assault on our friends in Ukraine,” said Rep. Curtis. “The US and partner countries must hold nothing back as we escalate financial pressure and sanctions on Russia. All freedom loving nations should support Ukraine in their effort to combat this violation of international law, including sharing equipment to support their self-defense. We must act swiftly and firmly to make clear that acts like this will not be tolerated. I ask the world to join with me in support of our allies and in prayer that we will have strength in the face of pure evil.” 


Hi, I'm coming to you from the European Parliament building in Brussels, Belgium. And we came here to discuss energy and climate and have been here all week, and of course, all events and all issues of turn to the events happening in Ukraine and Russia. And I share with you my perspective coming from Europe here, this unique perspective of being here close to where all this is happening. The mood is somber, and almost surreal, like this can't be happening. But it is happening and those in Europe know that this has heavy consequences for them, and really for the rest of the world. A few minutes ago, I had an opportunity to meet with one of the 27 commissioners of the European Union. And I asked her what message she would have me send back to those of us in the United States. And she said the most important thing we could do is to send a signal of our support for them and our brotherhood with the European Union. So I conveyed on behalf of all my constituents in our country that we do stand with them, and we have the support. They're very well aware that as they impose sanctions today, and this afternoon, and this evening, that retaliation will be coming back from President Putin. And at no time is it more important to stand with our brothers and sisters here in the European Union. You know, as I'm standing here, I'm realizing that I'm only three generations removed from being a European, and that the distance is much closer than much of us expect. I'll continue to share my thoughts with you if I as inexperienced as I have them here. And with all of you joining prayers for our good friends here in Europe, and especially in Ukraine.


Curtis, joined by Representatives Buddy Carter and Tim Walberg have been traveling in the European Union as part of the Conservative Climate Caucus to share ideas and learn from our allies on climate and energy issues.