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Last week, Representative John Curtis (R-UT) cosponsored the Republican Study Committee’s (RSC) comprehensive China bill, the Countering Communist China Act. The bill counters the malign influence and theft perpetuated by the People’s Republic of China and the Chinese Communist Party. Curtis introduced the bill alongside RSC Chair Kevin Hern and RSC National Security Task Force Chairman Joe Wilson.


“China is a threat to global stability with their posture towards Taiwan, which ultimately impacts our homeland and economy. It is deeply concerning to witness CCP intimidation and coercion of international students, human rights activists, and even lawmakers,” said Rep. Curtis. “This bill is a comprehensive Republican answer to the CCP’s global strategy.”


RSC Chairman Hern said, “For years, Congress has been operating under the guise of friendship with - and dependence on - China, but the reality is that the CCP poses a greater threat to American sovereignty than any modern adversary. We must treat the CCP like the threat they are, and use every tool at our disposal to combat their influence in our schools and our government. This bill targets the CCP in a comprehensive and vigorous way, putting American safety and economic security first. It's the strongest legislation against the CCP ever introduced to Congress, and for good reason. It's time for Congress to take real action to protect Americans from the CCP and pass the Countering Communist China Act!”


RSC National Security Task Force Chairman Joe Wilson said, “The CCP dictatorship in China run by Xi Jinping threatens global security, endangers our allies and is destroying the future of the people of China. I am grateful to support this important effort by the Republican Study Committee to counter the CCP and root out their malign influence in our education system and our economy.” 

The Countering Communist China Act represents a comprehensive legislative effort by House Republicans to address and counteract China's multifaceted influence and actions deemed adverse to American interests. The bill proposes a wide range of measures, including imposing trade and investment restrictions on Chinese companies, particularly those involved in technology, military, and surveillance sectors. It advocates for replacing Permanent Normal Trade Relations with a new tariff scheme prioritizing national security, authorizing free trade with several countries to diversify economic alliances, and enforcing stringent reporting requirements for American firms investing in nations of concern. Furthermore, the bill aims to safeguard American intellectual property, enhance the domestic production of medical supplies, and strengthen national security supply chains. It emphasizes protecting democracy, human rights, and supporting Taiwan's sovereignty, alongside initiatives to reduce dependency on Chinese critical minerals and combat China's military advancements.

In addition to Curtis, Hern, and Wilson the bill is cosponsored by Members of the Republican Study Committee, an influential caucus of conservative House Members.


Read more on H.R.7476 in Fox News here, and in the National Review here.


Ryan Walker, Executive Vice President of Heritage Action, said, “While the current administration and far too many in Congress were distracted by preventable conflicts around the world, the United States sleepwalked into a new Cold War with one of our top adversaries—communist China. Winning that Cold War with the CCP and preventing a direct conflict requires a bold, comprehensive strategy. Chairman Hern’s Countering Communist China Act delivers the tough policies necessary to fight back against malign Chinese influence, brazen theft and infiltration, and military aggression.” 


FDD Action said, "The Chinese Communist Party (CCP) poses a grave threat to America’s national security. This bill is yet another step by the House of Representatives to address the many critical challenges we face. We especially commend provisions in the bill to restrict outbound investment in critical sectors of China’s economy, safeguard America’s supply chains, reduce China’s influence over U.S. colleges and universities, and counter our reliance on sensitive CCP-backed technologies like EV batteries. Furthermore, provisions tackling the fentanyl crisis would hold the CCP accountable for its complicity in fueling this deadly epidemic on our shores, which is devastating communities across our nation.”


Rebecca Heinrichs, Senior Fellow at the Hudson Institute, said, “We are in a new Cold War and it is imperative that we take on the PRC by combatting its influence and generating and protecting American innovation and independence. From working to end reliance on Chinese critical minerals, prohibiting lobbying for China and peddling Chinese influence, and ending the CCP’s efforts to indoctrinate young Americans: the bill addresses this and more. It is a blueprint for the U.S. approach towards China.”


The Vandenberg Coalition said, “The Chinese Communist Party is the greatest generational challenge of our lifetime. Success against the CCP requires the United States to rapidly enhance its competitiveness and shore up its vulnerabilities in national defense, industry, trade, education, and public health. We strongly encourage policy solutions that hold the CCP accountable and put an end to its malign actions and destabilizing influence.” 

Matthew Kroenig, Vice President and Senior Director of the Atlantic Council’s Scowcroft Center for Strategy and Security, said, “The Chinese Communist Party poses the greatest threat to American security and prosperity, and the provisions in this thoughtful and wide-ranging bill make meaningful progress toward countering China's malign influence and securing American interests. 


Morgan Ortagus, former State Department Spokesperson, said, "America cannot be complacent about the rising threats from the Chinese Communist Party. Urgent action is needed on every facet of the U.S.-Chinarelationship, and this initiative provides a roadmap to once again give America the upper hand."


Adam Savit, Director of the America First Policy Institute’s China Policy Initiative, said, “The America First Policy Institute applauds Chairman Hern and the Republican Study Committee for their continued efforts to countermand the malign influence of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) by introducing The Countering Communist China Act. The measures in this bill represent a comprehensive approach to combatting the CCP’s relentless efforts to undermine American security and prosperity at home and abroad. The bill ends normal trade relations with China, provides new accountability for the CCP’s malicious and unfair trade practices that hurt American companies and their workers, and creates new authorities to hold Chinese officials personally accountable for the fentanyl poisoning of Americans. For these reasons, the America First Policy Institute fully supports the legislation and urges swift consideration and passage by the United States House of Representatives.”


American Securities Association President and CEO Chris Lacovella said, The Chinese Communist Party has exploited U.S. capital markets and mislead American investors to fund its genocide, human rights abuses, and climate destruction for far too long. ASA applauds Chairman Kevin Hern (R-OK) and the Republican Study Committee for introducing the Countering Communist China Act because it strengthens America’s economic and national security, protects American investors, and ends China’s abuse of our markets. Stopping the CCP threat is not a Republican or Democrat issue- it is an American issue, and ASA looks forward to working with all Members of Congress to protect this country.”


James Edwards, Executive Director of Conservatives for Property Rights, said, “The Republican Study Committee’s Countering Communist China Act acknowledges that America’s industrial competitiveness is at stake when adversaries—namely China—can freely break the rules, conduct espionage and plunder American private property—particularly intellectual property. Conservatives for Property Rights commends the Countering Communist China Act for protecting property rights and increasing our vigilance, shoring up our economic security and national security against malign actors. We applaud the Countering Communist China Act for prohibiting the U.S. Trade Representative from supporting waiver of the TRIPS agreement. Importantly, CCCA also reins in the Patent Trial and Appeal Board from serving as a weapon for Chinese and Big Tech’s repeated attempts to invalidate patents. These measures would improve patent reliability. Reliable U.S. patents would curb China’s ability to vacuum up U.S. IP.”


A one-pager on the Countering Communist China Act can be found here.


The bill text for H.R.7476 is here.