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Rep. John Curtis Unveils Humorous Video Revealing the "Secret" to His Productivity

Washington, D.C. — Congressman John Curtis (UT-03) has worked hard to become one of the most effective lawmakers in the US House and was recently named the 9th most effective Republican in the 435-member body. 


This week, Rep. Curtis released a lighthearted and humorous video that offers a tongue-in-cheek explanation for how he manages to get so much done in Congress. The video, titled "How Rep. John Curtis Gets Things Done," features multiple clones of Rep. Curtis engaging in a lively discussion about Rep. Curtis’s policy priorities, giving the impression that there is more than one of him working tirelessly on behalf of his constituents.


“If my time in Washington has taught me one thing, it’s that lawmakers who put their heads down and get important things done don’t usually get headlines. The media seems to focus on the lawmaker with the most bombastic quote,” said Rep. Curtis. “But we can’t expect the other side to support our bills if we lob bombs at them on cable news. So, I prefer to keep it low key. It’s important to me to get things done for my constituents in Utah. My team works hard and likes to have fun. This is a good snapshot of who we are – we have fun making things happen.”


Since being elected to Congress just 5 years ago, he has, quite remarkably, seen 19 of his bills become law. Curtis also founded the Conservative Climate Caucus, an 81-member strong caucus, that educates Republicans on climate issues and promotes conservative values on a world stage.