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About John

John R. Curtis proudly represents Utah’s 3rd Congressional District. Since being elected to Congress on November 13, 2017, John has worked on diverse topics such as better managing public lands, combatting human trafficking, reducing burdensome regulations on small businesses, energy policy, and more.


John currently serves on the Energy and Commerce Committee where he is the Vice-chair of the Energy subcommittee and a member of the Communications and Technology subcommittee. Additionally, John serves on the Natural Resource Committee where he sits on the Public Lands and Energy Sub Committees. As the founder of the Conservative Climate Caucus, John has established an international reputation for his work on American energy solutions.


John served as the Mayor of Provo City for 8 years where he enjoyed a 94% approval rating. John has been married to his wife Sue for 41 years and together they have 6 children and 16 grandchildren.