WASHINGTON, DC – Congressman John Curtis joined several colleagues on the floor of the House of Representatives to raise awareness about Utah’s worst wildfire season and what he is doing to aid local communities in preventing fires.

“As we look ahead to preventing these catastrophic wildfires, let’s not forget the value of our local officials and their role in forest management decisions. They know better than anyone the challenges they face in their own backyards. And should another fire strike, I am confident that Utahns will once again step up to the challenge and take care of our great state and the wonderful people in it.” – Congressman John Curtis

Watch Congressman Curtis’ full speech here.

Congressman Curtis spoke for several minutes about the need for reform, his conversation with interim Chief of the Forest Service, his meeting with local officials the previous week, and the generosity of Utahns that prevails in great times of need.

Earlier in the day, Congressman Curtis met with the Secretary Perdue of the Department of Agriculture and Governor Gary Herbert to discuss forest management reforms to reduce the risk of fire danger. Below is a photo that is free to use with attribution.

Congressman Curtis was a mayor for eight years before being elected to Congress. He has unique experience in understanding how overwhelming it can be to coordinate disaster response, recovery, and manage the daily operations of a community. He remains committed to helping our communities obtain the resources they need to rebuild their homes, businesses, and prevent further damage.