Washington, DC Today, Representative John Curtis released the following statement after voting “no” on the impeachment inquiry on the House Floor this morning.

“I believe we could all support a careful and balanced look at wrongdoing. Unfortunately, the vote we took today does not do that. Similar to Speaker Pelosi’s self-proclaimed impeachment inquiry, which we have been moving forward with for over a month, this new impeachment inquiry is out of harmony with normal justice and impeachment precedents that protect against political and personal bias. Should one party have veto power over the other subpoenaing witnesses or over questions that can be asked? Of course not. Should the Chairman of any Committee have the power to deny the President’s legal counsel in the room? Again, of course not,” said Curtis. “Let’s be honest—it seems to me that a combination of the President’s style and a predetermined goal to remove him from office, set this impeachment in motion on the day after the election. The American people want to know the truth, and so do I. I will support a process that leads to more transparency, without the influence of politics, but today’s vote does the opposite.”


Since Speaker Pelosi announced her original impeachment inquiry, Representative Curtis has called for transparency for the American people, all Members of Congress to be able to attend and participate in a fair investigation, and for the President to be provided due process and the protections that impeachment precedents set.

He has sponsored or cosponsored the following:

  • H.Res 593 – Expressing that the whistleblower report should be transmitted immediately to the Select Committee on Intelligence of the Senate and the Permanent Select Committee on Intelligence of the House of Representatives. (Read more)
  • H.Res. 633 – Disapproving of the way that Dem Leadership is conducting impeachment matters behind closed doors; requires that all impeachment related hearings, witness interviews, and communications be done in the public view.
  • H.Res. 630 – Condemns and censures Chairman Schiff for making misleading statements and fabricating information about the President’s phone call with Ukrainian President Zolensky in a hearing – thus politicizing the Committee and hindering its ability to conduct proper oversight.
  • H.Res. 657 – Changes House Rules to require that transcripts of classified hearings are available to all members, instead of a select few. (More info here)
  • Letter to Adam Schiff – Asking for clarity on how many pages of transcripts and testimonies Members are expected to read in less than 70 hours and asking when the resolution would be made public. (Read letter here)

The resolution voted on today: 

  • Has no actual requirement for the Intelligence Committee to hold open and public hearings;
  • Disallows Representative Curtis from continuing to attend and participate in impeachment-related depositions and hearings, eliminating one of Utah’s voices in the process;
  • Further restricts which Members are allowed into the SCIF;
  • Allows Chairmen Schiff and Nadler to veto subpoenaing Republican witnesses and the questions that witnesses are asked;
  • Gives Chairman Nadler authority to dismiss the President’s legal counsel; and
  • Continues to undermine and politicize both the House Intelligence and the House Judiciary Committees.