Congressman John Curtis issued the following statement after the government shut down.

Most of my colleagues and many Americans have scars from the 2013 shutdown and had hoped to avoid it at all costs. While I’m optimistic we can avoid a long shutdown, if we keep funding our government only a few weeks at a time we face the reality of the government shutting down. Here’s what my constituents can expect from me during the shutdown.

1) I’ve sent instructions to the Clerk to withhold my pay. If the military and my staff aren’t getting paid, Congress shouldn’t be getting paid either.

2) My DC and Utah offices will stay open and staffed during the shutdown. Thanks to a team of dedicated employees who will work without promise of compensation, we’ll do all we can to offer our full menu of services.

3) I’ll stay in DC working on solutions with members of both parties to bring the shutdown to a conclusion and find answers. This is what the American public expects.

4) I’m prepared to take the tough votes and will work with my colleagues from both sides of aisle to find answers for DACA as soon as the shutdown is over.