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Statement from Rep. Curtis on Gun Legislation

This week, the House is voting on a series of gun-related bills, many restricting rights that in no way would have stopped the horrific shootings of the last few weeks and concatenated over the weekend without the input of a single Republican. It’s clear to me that we won’t end these mass shootings with partisan proposals put together in the middle of the night, particularly when there are many Republicans, including myself, who want to solve these issues. 

I would happily consider thoughtful legislation that keeps guns out of the hands of those we can all agree shouldn’t have them. That is clearly not what is happening in the House this week.

The fix to these mass murders will take a complex approach of examining parenting, family, school safety, mental health, social dynamics, and the enforcement of our existing laws.

The fix is for responsible parents, educators, and neighbors to report threats or warning signs to authorities and allow them to act and intervene and timely recognition and treatment of mentally ill and emotionally disturbed individuals.  

And finally, the fix is in the right gun laws, based on data and good faith, that are in harmony with the Second Amendment. I am more than willing to look at problems we may have in keeping guns out of the hands of those who may hurt themselves or others, but we must do so through a thoughtful and fact-based approach that acknowledges all the factors causing these mass shootings.