PROVO, Utah (News4Utah) – Unlike most of his colleagues, Congressman John Curtis (R-Dist.3) has had to hit the ground running his first five weeks in office. While he adjusts to the new ways of Washington D.C, he’s also having to gear up for major legislation, and another run for his seat in 2018.

Newly elected representatives normally have weeks of training, and guidance before they’re sworn into office. Because Rep. Curtis was filling the seat left vacant by former Congressman Jason Chaffetz. He was sworn in and had to quickly start reading up and taking votes on issues such as tax reform.

“It’s been a lot of fun, but very very crazy and everyday day is a new thing with a new adventure,” said Rep. Curtis.

Rep. Curtis is the former Mayor of Provo, but left after 8 years to run for his current seat. He while both jobs are high paced, there are differences he’s getting used to.

“Congress has a lot of moving parts too and it’s unpredictable, but you’re not the head guy on everything so it’s a little bit different,” said Rep. Curtis.

The Congressman said one of the things that has frustrated him the most so far are the rules regarding social media. As mayor his use of social media was well known as a way to connect with residents. According to Rep. Curtis the rules for his accounts are different in congress.

“Our challenge right now is developing social media that actually fit the rules of congress,” said Re. Curtis. “I have a lot of restrictions that I didn’t have as Mayor on how I use these tools.”

While he finds ways to better connect with constituents, the Congressman is also adjusting to living in two separate time zones.

The thing the Congressman said surprised him the most was how well both sides get along behind the scenes.

“Of course there are the big examples when they don’t,” said Rep. Curtis. “But my first bill was supported in committee unanimously by both Democrats and Republicans.”

Rep. Curtis said the next major issues coming up in the next few months will be entitlement reform, and getting a final budget.

The Congressman is also having to gear up for his campaign to run for the seat again in 2018.

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