Curtis Goes to Congress Inaugural Blog Post

In my 57 years, I’ve had a lot of offices but nothing like this one. I sit on the second floor of the Rayburn Building in a space formally occupied by Congressman Jason Chaffetz. My office within our larger office is big. To put it in prospective there are 12 of us in the office and my office takes up about 1/3 of the space.

I have my own closet, a ton of built-in storage space and I’m even the inheritor of my own refrigerator.

Our walls are still relatively bare given the office’s thrifty nature and a set of silly rules that limit how we go about getting décor. We appreciate BYU who has (wait for it) kicked off our interior design effort by giving the office a very cool helmet and jersey. This only adds pressure to my Wolverine and Ute friends to up their game.

I’m often asked if I will be sleeping in my office and the answer is, “at least not at night.” Sue and I found a place to stay that’s close enough that I walk to work and back every day.

If you want to see this office you better come quick. I get it for only as long as I’m finishing Chaffetz’s term then I get back in the seniority line which will mean a much smaller office in a different building.